Increase Sales and Profit

Growing your business doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Developing clear processes, following realistic sales and marketing strategy and ensuring you have sound operational and financial controls will provide you with the best chance of profitable business growth and overall business success.


Clear business processes under pin everything you do in your business. Cogence specialises in understanding how the right processes can make a business successful and how the wrong ones can break it.

Sales and marketing strategy

Success is achieved by initially correctly appraising the market and establishing the right market positioning. This is followed by defining and implementing clear processes spanning the sales-cycle end to end which includes opportunity, customer relationship management and forecasting. We help you to engage with your target markets by helping you to create cost-effective, sales focussed marketing campaigns both online and offline.

Cogence can deliver part of or the whole sales and marketing solution when helping you to improve your sales and marketing performance.

Operational and Financial Controls

Cash is king and cash flow management is often the critical factor determining how well the whole business performs. Often businesses are under pressure not through lack of sales but because cash flow and credit controls do not provide readily digestible information. Cogence understands the critical relationship between sales, delivery and cash flow and how to optimise the underlying processes.