Investment Strategy

At some point every business reaches 'The Glass Ceiling'. The business has developed but flattened (or plateaued) and it seems it is unable to develop further without a change of some kind. To progress, the business often needs either additional business investment or new ideas and sometimes both. It may be that the time has come for external investment either through funding and/or expertise because the level of investment required to organically take the business to the next stage is beyond the resources available.

Private Angel Equity Investment

Cogence is a source of excellent contacts for business owners looking to raise business funds for growth. Cogence has a selected network of business angel investors or high net worth's who invest in high growth businesses.

In addition to investing money, usually anything from £20k, business angels often make their own skills, experience and contacts available to the business.

Cogence investment ready process

Cogence can help you establish whether your business is suitable for angel investment. For instance, does your business have high growth potential? Do you have significant competitive advantage? Do you have a clear route to exit? Is your business ready for investment?

The Cogence investment readiness program includes a market review/appraisal and development of a succinct business plan.

It is important to point out that Angel investment is not for working capital or debt relief. It is for businesses looking to fund a growth strategy that will provide an Angel investor with a return on investment usually between 2-5 years.